The Bank Left Gallery

We have available the work of the following artists on a continuing basis:

  • Crista Ames: ceramic artist
  • Lela Ames: handmade paper
  • George Bedirian: photography
  • Helen Bobisud: weaver
  • Carol Bradford: sculpture
  • Prisha Brown: woven jewelry
  • Valerie Boydo: sculpture, jewelry
  • Judith Brand: watercolors
  • Katherine Clancy: watercolors
  • Leslie Cloaninger: jewelry
  • Judy Cochran: weaver
  • Louise Colson: fused glass
  • Cori Dantini: paintings and mixed media
  • Linda Dillard: oils
  • Caroline Doe: silks, watercolors, mulberry paper carvings
  • Tim Doebler: bronze
  • Nelson Duran: acrylics, mixed media
  • John Elwood: dulcimers, jewelry, music
  • Linda Fletcher: watercolors
  • Jim Gale: bronze, ceramics
  • Rhea Giffin: paper mache
  • Eddy Gnaedinger: prints, acrylics
  • Margaret Gregg: ceramics
  • Carolyn Guy: pottery
  • Tamara Helm: oils
  • Ted Juve: pottery
  • Bob and Kathy Kernan: handblown glass
  • Jeanne Kjack: author
  • Jean Korus: weaver
  • Jerome Land: mixed media paintings
  • Ryan Law: wildlife sculpture
  • Jerry McCollum: photography
  • Alison Meyer: photography
  • Kay Montgomery: watercolors
  • Gina Murray: limestone, wood and glass sculpture
  • Kelly Myott-Baker: one of a kind purses
  • Tina Ochs: oils, acrylics
  • Mike O'Connor: torchworked glass
  • Dave Ostrom: wildlife photography
  • Linda Rasmussen: silk batiks
  • Jennifer Rod: sculpture
  • Will Simpson: woodturner
  • Paul Smith: music
  • Sarah Swett: tapestries, books, cards
  • Carrie Vielle: charcoal painting and mixed media
  • Ellen Vieth: oils
  • Peter Vincent: photography
  • Andrea Vogt: author
  • Nancy Wriggle: mixed media

The Bank Left Gallery
Fine Art & Design

The Old Bank Building
100 South Bridge Street
PO Box 81
Palouse, WA 99161

Nelson Duran
and Pamela Duran

Thur - Sat, 11:00-5:00
Thur - Sat, 11:30-2:00

Dinners by reservation only